Machine cover for HoloTech
HoloTech is a leader in innovative digital holographic technologies that offer the most advanced three-dimensional imaging solutions. Their unique film-based prints are true 3D holograms, made from 3D digital models and displayed with LED light. It allows viewers to gain a deeper understanding and visualize information from all angle in real 3D without using any glasses or other device.
LJD has created a unique machine cover design for one of their holographic printers called the H1. The project was developed based on the following requirements: the structure must stand on its own adjustable feets completely independent of the printer, the covering should be dust and light resistant, most of the elements has to be easy to dismount or open for service access. The main steel frame structure supports 13 fixed and 17 detouchable sheet metal covering parts including 2 doors. Each element has powder coated finish using the colors of the brand. The development for production was made by Beweq engineering.
 For the invention and development of the holographic method, the Hungarian-British physicist Dénes Gábor was recived the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1971.
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